AI Governance Workshop: Building ethical frameworks to balance risk and innovation

The AI Governance Workshop will take place by virtual means over two half days: July 27 and 28, 2020, 9am to 1pm EDT or 2pm to 6pm BST. This free workshop will allow you to explore and address the following question:

What form of ethical governance framework is needed to ensure that AI is neither over-controlled, to the detriment of innovation, nor under-controlled to the detriment of society and individuals?

During the workshop you will get the chance to hear a range of different perspectives on this question and to contribute your own. There will be virtual coffee queues to allow you to network and connect with the other attendees and panel sessions and presentations to consider and reflect on the ideas and issues being raised.

We have now made available the overarching agenda for AI Gov Workshop. Additional details of the programme will be released on our blog and registration is now open on Eventbrite.