This collaborative project between researchers from the University of Toronto and University College London is directed towards;

Ethical Innovation for Artificial Intelligence

  • Exploring the question of what form of ethical governance framework is needed to ensure that AI is neither over controlled, to the detriment of innovation, nor under-controlled to the detriment of society and individuals?
  • Bringing together stakeholders from government, industry, and academia and facilitating the interactions of policy makers and regulators, industry experts and academics to foster collaborations across disciplines and jurisdictions.

We are interested in working to promote human-centred AI through the development of governance frameworks that will enable industry innovation whilst placing ethical considerations at the heart of the conversation.

A key part of the project will be a virtual workshop on 27th and 28th July 2020, held to initiate this conversation.

Latest from our Blog:

Humanitarian Innovation and AI Ethics: Implications for Refugee Settings by Cansu E. Dedeoglu, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

Increased adoption of digital tools and database technologies are changing the ways emergencies and disasters are addressed worldwide. Advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) enabled a wide range of humanitarian data being generated, collected, processed, stored, and analyzed in crisis contexts. For example, the amount of humanitarian datasets available on Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) […]

The Ethics of Seeing and Knowing Through AI Tinted Glasses by Paula Nunez de Villavicencio

Smart glasses, Heads Up Displays or Head Mounted Displays (HUDs) offer users the potential for augmented or mixed reality in different settings. These optical and visual technologies have developed in parallel to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and as of late have become integrated to produce information systems that bring together predictive analytics, natural language processing, computer […]

Business Practices and Political Economy in the AI Ethics Literature

Robert Blair Frost, Andres F. De los Rios, Deneille R. Walters Challenges to the ethical design and development of AI systems (AIS) are often conceptualized within a rubric of Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT), a set of three core principles for creating AIS that has been widely observed and adopted in industry, government, and academia. […]

AI Is Great, but Think About the (School)Children

by Konstantin Shmarko In our desire to revolutionise school education, we risk ignoring the mismatch between the data protection tools we have and the pitfalls we might face I have recently had the pleasure of attending a roundtable discussion on the integration of AI and data processing algorithms into schooling, and, let me tell you, […]

Final opening workshop panel member announced: Ali Shah ICO UK

As Head of Technology Policy, Ali Shah is responsible for ensuring the ICO can respond to complex societal challenges presented by emerging technology developments.  His expertise in AI, data and emerging technology is combined with a passion for ensuring technology is used for the benefit of society, and making sure issues faced by those most […]

Racial Bias in AI by Sabeehah Mahomed

Stephan Hawking said, “Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours.” The questions which follow this are: What are our goals? Why do we have to ensure that computers conform to these? And perhaps more importantly, what […]

Final Research Panel Member

We are pleased to announce that our final research panel member for the day two session is Harini Suresh. Harini is a PhD student in Computer Science at MIT, where she is part of the Clinical and Applied Machine Learning Group, the Visualization Group, and the Data + Feminism Lab.  Her research interests include characterizing […]

AI Governance Workshop – Research Panel

The second day (28 July) of the AI Governance Workshop will start with a Research Panel. We are very grateful to the following panel members who will be providing us with their perspectives to stimulate our thinking on questions such as; How can research help us to build an ethical governance framework for AI? What […]

AI Governance Workshop – Registration Now Open

ei4ai is pleased to announce that registration for their AI Governance Workshop (to be held virtually on 27 and 28 July 2020, from 9 am to 1 pm EDT or 2 pm to 6 pm BST) is now open. Attendance is free, but numbers are limited. To register please sign up using the Eventbrite link […]


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